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It's Flea & Tick Season, Why drive all the way to town? You can now purchase your flea and tick topical from us. We now carry Sentury FiproGuard Topical Flea Treatment.
3 month supply
  0-22 Lbs     $30 
  23-44 Lbs   $30
  45-88 Lbs   $32

Throw Me A Bone Dog Grooming is happy to announce that we now carry ZYMOX LP3 ENZYME SYSTEM Products for Ear infections, Skin Allergies and Hot Spots at a more affordable price than products from your vet. We also carry Zymox Dental Products such as water additives and tooth gel. Go to www.zymox.com to learn more about these products.

NOTE: To my wonderful regular customers, due to an increase in operating costs I will be raising my grooming rates by 10% starting July 1, 2015. To potential new customers don't let this increase scare you, call to get a grooming rate and compare.

For more info contact us at: throwbone@hotmail.com or call 
Lori at 503-320-0374